Moving with you in mind
Moving with you in mind

Be Prepared

1. Ensure your possessions are insured for Transit. Be aware of what it covers and be aware of any exclusions, at 'Move-Synergy' we offer the most comprehensive cover in the industry.

2. Hire professional cleaners in to give your new house a thorough going over before you move in. No one wants to have to start a spring clean as soon as you move in to your new home. Let 'Move- Synergy' take this burden away from you.

3.Before our 'Move-Synergy' professional pack up team arrive, have a clear out. Valuable items can be auctioned off and other items can be given to charity or recycled. We can assist with the re-cycling of your unwanted items and deliver items to Charity.

4. Get someone to look after the children on the day of the move and the same goes for Pets.

5.Compile a fact file for the new owners who are coming into your property, such as instruction leaflets and service information for the heating system.

6. Round up all the keys for your home and given them to the estate agent.

7. Make a scale plan of each room and give this to the 'Move- Synergy' foreman so that items can easily be placed into the correct rooms at your new house. 'Move-Synergy' can assist you in completing a detailed plan of your new house.

8. Final preparation should be made to re-direct post, obtain forms for the new GP, inform the milkman and newspapers if they were delivered.

Who to tell you're moving

1.Telephone and internet services, normally require 30 days notice

2.TV licensing- or 0844 8006722

3.Bank, Building society, pension providers and other loan companies

4.Inland revenue-see for a list of offices

5.Local council


7.Schools that your children attend

8. It is a legal requirement to inform the DVLA of a change of address

9. Friends, family and colleagues

The day you move home

1. Ensure the foreman has a layout of your new home so the furniture is put in the correct room and that Move-Synergy have access to the new property on the agreed moving in date. Make sure the meters are read, check that all other basic utilities are in working order. 'Move-Synergy can assist you with this process and with instructing utility companies.

2. Ensure that all items that were included in the sale are present, for example the carpets and light fittings.

3. Consider gettting the locks changed as you have no idea who the previous occupant gave keys too.

4. Even though everything will run smoothly you will be emotionally exhausted at the end of the day, so collapse on the sofa and crack open the champagne courtesy of 'Move-Synergy'.


We would be delighted to share with you our comprehensive Move-Synergy Relocating Checklist, please contact our relocation experts by phone or email

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